Administration Offices

A visit to the secretary’s office

Jessy and I paid a very interesting visit to the secretary’s office (only for one hour, but it was funny). We found out that the secretaries have a lot to do, for example they must attend to accident, check the accounts… Actually they do nearly everything except for teaching, student exchanges and cleaning, but often they are interrupted in their work. Christmas time though seems to be the calmest time of the whole year.

Mrs. Harbeit and Mrs. Hohe are responsible for the Forster-scholarship, first-aid, material equipment, the school chronicle, appointments, and many additional admin tasks.

Mrs. Kuch works in the library (in the morning). She takes care of the library, parents who phone in to declare their children sick, looking for pupils who don’t appear in class, vouchers for the best pupils of the year, student ID cards, the account system for the school canteen...


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