General Information


Our school - grammar school Stein

At first grammar school Stein was a branch of grammar school Oberasbach and was in Mühlstraße.

1982 it became independent but it got some problems with extreme growth and so they began building the present school in 1983. The school was built in parts and was opened in June 1988. The modern style of architecture lets much light into the classrooms and brings a harmonious atmosphere for the 1000 pupils and 90 teachers.

In the 6th class you can choose between two foreign languages, Latin and French, you learn English from the 5th class.

Additionally, you are able to choose Spanish in grade 10 instead of your second language (Latin or French).

In the 8th class you choose between the two sections "economy and social studies" or "math and sciences."

In year 10 you choose a project seminar and a academic seminar for the 11th and the 12th class. In the so called P-Seminar (project seminar) you work on a specific project and plan it like the school's autumn prom. In the other seminar you learn about a topic like "religion and politics" or "Canada" and at the end write a seminar paper about it.


Stein, the town where our school is, was first mentioned in a document in 1296. It is a small town with about 14,000 inhabitants.

Besides, there is the head office of the famous pencil company Faber-Castell, which belongs worldwide to the leading pencil manufacturer. The castle, which was built by the family of Faber, is still worth seeing today and is even used for filming movies.

In Stein you have the possibility to go in a huge swimming pool (Palm Beach) with lots of slides, a wave pool, whirl pools and a spa.

From Stein it's easy to go to Nuremberg, because there are many good bus connections.

Nuremberg - a city worth discovering

Nuremberg is a town near Stein which has more than 500 000 inhabitants. It is 15 minutes away from Stein and it's easy to reach by public transport. In Nuremberg, there are many sights to look at, like our Hauptmarkt (Great Market), where every year at Christmas the famous Christkindlmarkt (Advent Market) takes place. It is one of the most visited christmas markets in Germany and even internationally known. Also the Schöner Brünnen (Glücksbrunnen) and the FRAUENKIRCHE decorate this place.

The medieval castle (Kaiserburg - emperor's castle) at the top of Nuremberg wakes up a lot of historical emotions and also worth seeing are the many monuments, graves, churches, towers, the old town, the castle wall and the museums. You can visit the following museums in Nuremberg:

The Germanic National Museum, Castle Museum, Museum of Transport (German Railway Museum), Toy Museum, New Museum (Museum Of Modern Art), Natural History Museum.

The most famous church of Nuremberg is the Lorenzkirche (The Gothic St. Lorenz's church).

Very good possibilities of shopping are in the Breite Gasse with its many fashion-shops and the new "City Point", the great shopping centre in Nuremberg. You can watch nice films in our wonderful cinema palace, the CINECITTA and also many other small cinemas.


In Stein, where our school is located, live about 14000 inhabitants. As you can see, it has much fewer inhabitants than Nuremberg. It is easy to go to Nuremberg due to the good bus connections.

Some sights in Stein: 

- Palm Beach is a huge indoor swimming pool with lots of slides and whirlpools. 

- Faber-Castell is a pencil factory with a long history.

- Faber Park is a big park which links Stein to Nuremberg.