Our Subjects


These are the subjects at our school:

German, Maths, English, Latin, French, History, Social Studies, Music, Spanish, Physical Education, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economy, Business IT, Art and Religious Education (or Ethics).

Subjects you’ve got in the 5th grade

In the 5th grade you’ve got basic subjects like German, English and Maths but many others, too. You have also to decide between French and Latin which of these languages you want to have in the 6th grade

Subjects which are new in the 8th grade

There are new subjects in the 8th grade. They depend on the track you choose.

If you choose the economy track, you will have additional Economy/Law and Business IT classes. If you choose the Maths track, you get Chemistry, Business IT, and one hour just for exercises.

In Economy you learn how the world economy works and what is happening to our savings. You also learn how to save the climate.

In Business IT you learn something about operating system, information distribution and company organization. You don’t write exams in this subject, only quizzes. 

In Chemistry you deal with many different substances. And you also do many experiments.


Elective subjects

In our school you can choose a lot of optional subjects. They are in the afternoon, after the regular lessons. They are like a hobby. For example, you can participate in one of the sports teams, the choir or even learn Chinese or DJing.


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