School Events

At our school there are many events every year, for example: the school party, the autumn ball, the Christmas concert and many more exciting and of course very funny events.

The school party is a party for pupils of each age. There you have a lot of fun and you can dance with your friends to the music. Of course food and drinks are offered there. This event is managed by AK Technology and AK Event Management. They always need volunteers who do jobs like serving the food. To join this event you must pay but don’t worry, it isn’t too expensive.

In the summer and Christmas concerts, the school orchestra, the choir and the percussion group take part. The concerts take place in the break hall.

When we asked our class whether they had already been to one of these events and if they liked it, most of them gave a positive answer to both questions.

Apart from that, there are also events like the literature or variety evening with students as well as teachers playing short sketches, reciting their own poems, singing songs, etc.


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