Our Teachers

At Gymnasium Stein there are about 95 teachers. This picture shows them in 2010:

Most of them teach two subjects, apart from teachers for Music and Art, who teach only one. The principal, Mr. Nickl, teaches too; his subjects are English and History. Every year, there also are some student teachers. They learn how to teach their subjects.


Here are some interviews with foreign language teachers. We asked every teacher the following questions in German:

- How long have you been at Gymnasium Stein?

- Which subjects do you teach?

- Why did you choose to become a teacher?

- Are you married? Do you have children?

- What are your hobbies?


Then we translated the answers into English:

Mr. Prechtl has been teaching at our school since 2002. He teaches German, History and Ethics. He chose his job because he is interested in his subjects and he likes to work with pupils. He is married and has got three children. His hobbies are reading, biking, writing and in the past he played volleyball.

Mr. Hager has been teaching at our school for ten years. His subjects are Physical Education and English. He became a teacher because he likes teaching and working with pupils. Mr Hager isn't married and he has not got children. His hobbies are playing the guitar, listening to music, reading English books and playing volleyball.

Mrs. Müller has been teaching at Gymnasium Stein since September 2011. She is a student teacher. The subjects that she teaches are Latin and French. She thinks it is fun to be a teacher. She’s interested in her subjects and she likes to work with pupils. Mrs Müller has no husband and no children. She often goes to the cinema, she reads many books and she enjoys watching DVDs and doing inline-skating.

Mrs. Crate has been teaching French, English and Ethics at this school for seven years. She became a teacher because she likes working with pupils and loves foreign languages like French and English. Mrs Crate is married but has not got any children. Often she reads, cooks, travels, does theatre (e.g. with the school’s drama group) and meets her family and friends.


Result: Our teachers are just normal people like us. Sometimes accidents happen to them, too. Most of the teachers are nice, friendly and helpful. But not all of them… J!!!


© Andrea, Jasmin, Hanna, Sebastian