The School Building


Our school was built from September 1982 to June 1988. At last, in 2008, the new building and the canteen were built.

South wing: Here, the choir and the wind players practice. On the ground floor are the art and music rooms. On the first floor are regular classrooms for nearly every subject. Besides, the classroom of the full-day class is located here.

Break hall: The break hall is in the middle of the school building. There you can find the take-out of Mr. and Mrs. Pecher, the caretakers. The digital supply board is in the break hall, too. There you can see which teachers and students are ill. At a nearby terminal, you can also order your lunch in the canteen. Our school has even got a café managed by pupils.


West wing: The west wing is the biggest part of the school building, with 4 levels. In the basement and the level above you can find the Biology, Chemistry and Physics classrooms. There also are passages to the gym, to administration and to the library.

North wing: Unfortunately, the classrooms in this part of the school building are fairly small.


New Building & Playground 

When the new building was built in 2008, the playground got smaller. The new rooms are made for IT classes (2 computer rooms). For lunchtime you can go there to eat in the canteen, too.

During the breaks you can go to the playground to play table tennis or only to breathe fresh air. In the second break (from 11.25 to 11.40am), there is what we call an “active break”. There’s also an “open-air classroom” where instructors can teach their classes in summer, when it’s warm and dry outside.

Gym: The gym can be separated into three parts. Many activities and sports competitions take place there and some sports teams use it for practice. There’s also a big stand from which you can watch matches. Our school has got multi-purpose equipment for many kinds of sport. You can play football, volleyball, basketball, handball and more; you can also take dancing classes and do gymnastics. Next to our gym there’s a climbing wall for the students.

Sports ground: The sports ground is made for doing track and field, like running, high jump, broad jump and throwing. In summer, the students sometimes go there to lie down on the grass. It’s fine for football players, too. And there even are two beach volleyball fields.


© Alina, Katrin, Ramona, Sofie