The School Canteen

If you want to eat in the school canteen, you just drop your canteen chip on a chip reader system in the break hall and you will get your meal at lunchtime. The canteen has got a new catering service, so now you don’t have to wait and the smell is fine. Still, many people prefer going to the baker’s, the “Pizza Pisa” shop or to the two doner kebab takeaways.

Interview with the canteen workers:

How many people work here?

•Here in the school canteen work two assistants, Mrs Conrad and Mrs Aschenbredel.

Which tasks do you carry out in the kitchen?

•We have to prepare the food, hand it out and clean the kitchen.

Is the food prepared fresh?

•Yes, it is fresh from the kitchen.

Which kinds of food do you offer?

• We use much meat, but also vegetables.


Some set meals (ca 3.50€):

  • Chicken McNuggets with curry sauce,  potatoes and fromage frais (berry flavour)
  • Fried sausage with ketchup, baguette and fresh fruit
  • Dumplings with cream mushrooms and fresh fruits
  • Asian noodles with vegetables and pudding


© Dorjana, Nina, Kathrin